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Here are this month’s door decs! I hope you all love them! If you have any ideas for next month stop by my room, cause I’m not exactly sure of what I should do yet. Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! ❤ (COmpleted 2/14/18)



So happy that some of you could come with us to Ice SKating in the Student Center. It was a lot of fun in my opinion. I think Marsden and Hailey got the biggest kick out of my skating once I decided to get on the ice. We decided a little bit later that since it technically wasn’t ice skating that we should do a wing event before it gets to much warmer, so hopefully more of you can come in the future! I think my favorite part of the night was honestly the s’mores! (Completed 2/14/18)


Since everyone wanted to know where everyone else on the wing was, I decided to make these fun little location things. I’ve seen a lot of you using them already which is awesome! if you want to personalize them to totally can, I was kind of putting some options out there. (Completed 2/7/18)


That was so much fun! After not a lot of planning and a lot of insistence from some individuals (Hailey and Marsden), we went to Buffalo Wild Wings as a wing. We got a lot of people to go which was super cool and fun, now we know for the next time to call ahead so they can sit us all at the same table. Thanks again for everyone who came, and those that didn’t I hope you can come to the next one! (Completed 2/13/18)

Study Time Pic

After coming back from the UNI Conference Emilee, Heather, and I decided to work on our Gen Bio homework together. Taylor next time you are around you are more than welcome to join! Hopefully with all the rats involved we don’t get too distracted! Now I’m looking forward to the semester even more. (Completed 2/4/18)


This is a fun interactive bulletin board that lets you put together a puzzle that is made up of various countries flags. Enjoy!


This is a fun board that gives some tips for coming back to school after a long break. The tips range from academics, eating habits, social aspects, and also sleeping habits. I hope that some of these tips prove to be helpful as we all readjust to living in a res hall again!


These are this months door decs! Each elephant is completely unique and one of a kind, just like each of you! I also learned recently that in the certain cultures, if an elephants trunk is pointed upward (like it is above) then that means Good Luck. I hope that it proves true for everyone this semester!

Thank you to everyone who came down to the Holiday party on Monday night after the meeting! Thank you for being willing to change locations at last minute notice, it worked out pretty well in the long run. Those cupcakes that Taylor’s grandma made were amazing, those that didn’t take any- y’all are missing out! Thanks for anyone else who happened to be walking past and grabbed a cupcake. We watched some of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, which is a great classic. I hope it gave you all an opportunity to relax before your finals!

Also the winners for the door decorating contest were Katarina and Heather in room 207


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