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On Tuesday (9/12/17) night Morrow 2 West played against Morrow 4 West in volleyball. We may have lost on the score boards, but we definitely won in fun and being involved! There was a lot of support and a lot of friendly banter between the residents. My single hope is that the residents keep half of their enthusiasm for different events I have. 4 West next time you are going down! Anyone else want to play?


We had so much fun on Sunday (9/10/17) night! There was a lot of laughs and discussions about situations, and about making decisions. We played Exploding Kittens and also Super Fight, both card games I strongly encourage people to participate in. From 2 West of Morrow we had Tara and Stacy, 3 residents from Dobson, and several other residents from various floors in Morrow. Unfortunately we had to stop playing due to unfinished homework- it was not only me! I think we all went away happy after tonight’s discussions that came up and all of the laughs.WIN_20170916_12_43_40_Pro

(More people came in after this picture was taken)

So glad that a few of my residents came out to the Backyard Bash hosted by Porter and Morrow Residences halls. A big thank you to Elise, Hattie, Chantel, Breanne, and Bri for coming out onto the sand volleyball court with me. I hope that everyone who attended met a lot of new people and had a lot of food!

After moving-in and a good nights rest,  a lot of 2 West decided to check out Bridgefest and everything it had to offer. There were 8 residents in the first group, and several other members that we found later! It was a lot of fun spending time with them and seeing what clubs they were interested in. Plus watching them go flying off the mechanical bull was pretty funny!Bridgefest

Since we are all finishing settling in to our rooms for the year, and are starting to spend some time together we should probably go over some rules. On Thursday night at 7 pm in the second floor shared lounge there will be a MANDATORY Wing meeting. At this meeting we will be going over expectations for the wing, each other, any expectations you may have for me, and also Olivia and Brandon will be there to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot make the meeting please come talk to me as soon as possible, my room number is 209. Hope everyone has a great welcome weekend and start of classes!


This first set of door decorations goes right along with the Morrow Hall opening theme of retro! While all of these lava lamps are different, they bring us together as a community on our wing.


My hope for this bulletin board is to put important information that the residents may want. For an example it tells when Backyard Bash is and the location, as well as: when classes start, when tuition is due, where the first Friday Night Club Event is being held, and when the first wing meeting will be! The goal is to keep this updated as much as possible by reviewing it at the end of the week and to continue this throughout the year.

Meet Your RA

With this bulletin board I hope that each resident can find something they find interesting about me. This will serve as a sort of ice-breaker, it will make them feel like they know me a little bit better and then the residents will feel more welcome on the wing.

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