Morrow Hall 2 West

Thank you to everyone who came to the stress relief event tonight! It was wonderful to be able to share some tips and tricks for stress relief right before finals week! I hope everyone enjoys their stress ball, feels good about themselves after the self-esteem boosting affirmations, and learned some tips and tricks on breathing right. It was also helpful to learn a little more about how yoga can be helpful for stress relief.

I hope that everyone takes some time for themselves in the next couple of weeks to be able to be aware of their mental health. Come by my room if you missed the program and want some of the tips and tricks, need a stress ball, or want to practice some meditation with me! I am glad that we also took some time to share about the other things that can help relieve stress in our lives.

Fire and Night Yard Games


The FNC this week brought a lot of people, and many Morrow residents. Thank you to all the 2W people who came and enjoyed glow in the dark games, snow cones, a fire and s’mores. We had a chance to catch up with old 2W residents, and many more people from around campus. It was a wonderful way to enjoy the weather that is starting to feel like spring again.

Where Does Your Waste Go?


Just in time for packing up, here’s some info about where your waste is going. America produces a lot of trash, so make sure you are doing your part to help UW-Platteville cut down on their impact to the environment with their waste. There are many things you can do to cut down on your waste, or control where it is going. Hopefully we can all be more conscious as we pack our many belongings to leave Morrow for the summer.

Late Night at The Markee

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Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed Late Night at the Markee. After several months of planning, this event was really one for the books! I hope everyone enjoyed cotton candy, mini golf, inflatable rides, snow cones, and lots of free food. I am so glad that I got to see so many of the residents of 2W there! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

April Showers Bring Door Decs!


These awesome door decs are brought to you in part by the rainy April days! Hopefully the sun will be out and April showers really will bring May flowers! Hopefully these door decs will help the wing feel like your umbrella–a place to get out of the rainstorm of homework that these last couple weeks bring!

Earth Day Carinval


There were many things to learn about at the earth day carnival, and it was a beautiful day to enjoy our earth! We learned about the Crop and Soil team, windmills, that Wisconsin had a part in founding Earth Day, the myths and facts of agriculture and GMOs, made t-shirt bags, tie dyed, and much more! It was a wonderful way to be more conscience about the environment, and a fun way to learn about the organizations on campus! And a huge shoutout to Mae for helping plan it!

Biology Professors and Their Dogs!

The Biology professors brought their dogs to campus to engage with the students in a less formal way. There were lots of dogs to pet, and questions to be asked and answered! Students were also given the chance to talk about internships, hobbies, and why dogs are awesome! It was a good way to help students connect with the professors on a more personal level. Thank you to all who participated!

Drinking Responsibly


This board gives some facts about alcohol, and how to help someone that is having trouble with alcohol in many different capacities. It is always good to know the law surrounding drinking, and also know your limits once you are of age. Be sure to take care of yourself and your friends when you are able. Call the RA on call if you know of any illegal actions surrounding alcohol abuse.

Women in the Military


Just in time for the end of Women’s history month, you can learn about women’s contrition to the military throughout history. There were many influential women throughout the course of history, and had a big part in many of the wars that America has been a part of, even when they weren’t allowed to serve directly in the battles. Hopefully you can be inspired to do great things in the face of adversity as well!

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