Morrow Hall 2 West

When Domino’s has a deal like they did this week, you can’t pass up a pizza party! A big thank you to everyone who came down to the cave. next time I know I’ll need to order more pizzas right away. I know that I had a fun time playing Bull Shit with everyone while we waited. I’m glad to know that when playing, Marsden cannot lie even if her life depended on it. Super happy with the turn out, hopefully we can get more people next time! (Completed 11/15/17)



Here are the November door decorations! These are caramel apples because of this lovely fall season! I hope that you all enjoy them!


This bulletin board shows different pictures of people and also pictures of the same person to show how we are sometimes influenced from those around us. It shows a bunch of different ethnicity, ages, and personalities which is really fun and cool by showing lots of diversity.


Hopefully this bulletin board helps those residents decide whether or not they should take a nap or not. While napping is important to ones health, grades and getting stuff done is also good for yourself helping relieve unnecessary stress. This flow chart starts off with a yes or no question and depending on your responses can lead to take a nap. There could be some sassy comments in there from myself, but that is to be expected.


This month I made two different door decs! Some rooms got pumpkins while others got candy corn, I alternated occupied rooms just so people would not get as bored walking past the rooms. Hopefully these decorations will bring the residents closer together as a community. Hopefully they like next month’s door decorations just as much!  (10/8/17)


Sleeping is important for one’s health, so why not take a nap? This bulletin board has different types of naps that someone can use ranging from a few seconds to several hours. Personally I think anything over 4 hours is just sleeping, but that is just a personal belief. On the board are also examples of famous people who napped regularly; such as Napoleon who napped on his horse between battles to restore energy.               (Completed 10/4/17)


Since National Coming Out Day is October 11, I thought that an LGBTQ+ Board would be appropriate. This board is to help residents feel more confident in their gender identity by listing various facts about the LGBTQ+ Community as a whole. There will also be other events going on  for members of that community and allies at the Doyle Center and other buildings. (Completed 10/4/17)

What a fun time! I want to give Taylor a big shout-out for joining me in attending Professor Norin’s presentation this week. In response to the Las Vegas shooting Professor Norin talked about what he would suggest doing if there were a shooter on campus- whether that be in an academic building or in one of the residence halls. Officer Osborne was also there as a guest and he also said what the campus police response would be in those situations also, which was very good information considering past events. Professor Norin also said what he has packed in a little survival bag that he carries with himself at all times. I personally thought that the presentation was very beneficial, so Thank You Hayden for organizing the event! (Completed 10/3/17)

Pool Night September 28

Thursday night we had a great time playing some pool, laughing, and hanging out! Some people came early and others came later but we all had a great time laughing at Hailey and Melissa and some of the funny shots they were taking. Also judging me on how badly I play pool. Big shout out to Stacy and Chantel for teaching me a new pool game, and also making sure that I lost at that game. I had a great time and I hope more people show up in the future! (Completed 9/28/17)

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