Thank you to everyone who participated in our safety week event last week! It was in the Cave of Morrow Hall and we had brought down board games as well as Mario Kart. We also provided soda, snacks, and music! All of which was to serve as a distraction to the residents while some RAs dropped skittles in their drinks. this was to show how easy it is for someone to slip something into your drink if you are out in public or someone’s house. We emphasized the importance of safety and protecting yourself like watching your drink, don’t leave your drink unattended. If you do leave your drink unattended, get a new one. If you have to turn away from your drink, cover the top with your hand. Also, don’t trust someone pouring your drink either. If possible get something in a sealed container such as a can or bottle and preferably you should be the one who first opens it. These are just some of many safety tips for social gatherings with beverages. For questions and more information, talk to your RA!