On Sunday, most of the Morrow staff went to the United We Stand speaker to learn about resiliency. We listened to Curt Patrouille talk about all the adversity he had overcome in his life and how he did it. We heard stories of skin grafts after being severely burned while fixing his car, his family, experiences in the military, and many more. He taught us two ways to bounce back after going through a tough time. The first way was to “hunt the good stuff,” which meant to always look for the good things in your life, no matter the circumstances. The second way was to respond actively and constructively. He wanted us to take an interest in the people in our lives and to build better relationships by being better communicators.

I really needed to hear what he had to say on Sunday. He was an amazing speaker and had some really interesting stories. Sometimes I lose focus on the good things in my life and try to tune the people that care about me out so I can continue being negative. His speech gave me a little bit of the kick in the pants that I needed to refocus my energy on the good things in my life, and to build better relationships with the people around me. I hope that everyone reading this can take some of these tips into their own lives, and maybe go see the next United We Stand speaker to learn about more ways to improve their perspective!