On the 16th, Morrow Hall held an all campus event. Engineering Day was an event to develop yourself as a professional engineer. We had professional engineering clubs come and talk to residents and have the chance to recruit them for their respective organizations. The Industrial Engineering club had a really informative demonstration about supplies and productivity. We were instructed to build a replica of a Lego form that they had made before hand. For the first trial, we were given too many pieces, and the second trial, we were given the exact pieces to make the form. With the second trial, most people’s productivity was doubled! It was interesting to see how important the right pieces are.

We then moved on to lunch and engineering family feud! We had some really fantastic participants and some very interesting responses. Then we built some bridges and can of pop drop apparatuses!  After that was a wonderful speaker, Brian Roper, who taught us about how important professional engineering is for your career. He taught us about how to become a professional engineer through experience and the exams that you have to take after graduation. He talked about his story, and how it related to the time line of receiving your Professional Engineering certification. Then we ended the day with some exploding pop cans! I would like to thank the resident who came down from 2W and participated in all of the events and helped to make this event fun and successful!