Welcome to Morrow 2 West!

My name is Abby Williams and I will be your RA this year. I grew up in a small town called Lyndon Station (population 500), where I enjoyed playing sports, outdoor activities, taking photography, and living on my family’s small hobby farm. I also really enjoy traveling; I have been to a lot of different places like Seattle, New Orleans, New York, Boston, Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, Washington D.C., Orlando, Chicago, and even Rome, Italy!

I am a Sophomore this year and am currently a Business major. I am an active member in the International Club, Outdoor Adventure Club, Fencing Club, Students Today Leaders Forever, and multiple Intramural Clubs.

I am so excited to meet everyone and to get to know you better. I really enjoy talking to people, so I’m always willing to have a conversation or answer questions that you may have please stop by my room- my door is always open! I also check my email regularly if you want to contact me that way (williamsabi@uwplatt.edu).

I hope we have a great year together!