Morrow Hall 2 West



Coloring is a great way to relieve stress, so come on over and color in some of the pictures next to the restroom. There is a variety of different pictures to choose from, so pick one that will put you in the mood you’d like to be in. Color tiny shapes to feel organized, color the sun to feel happy, Pikachu might help you feel more adventurous, and coloring Black Widow could help you feel strong and confident.

The Elephant in the Room


This bulletin board helps give ideas on how to handle conflicts, especially between roommates. It describes being able to explain your own emotions, think creatively, and actively listen. Both people should leave a conflict resolution conversation feeling like it was fair, and the conclusion that was reached benefited both parties. Remember to use your RA as a resource if  you feel like the conversation needs to be mediated.

Gloomy Saturday Afternoon Movie


We watched 21 Jump Street because it was gloomy out and we all needed a laugh together. It was nice to hang out and relax while watching a movie that we could enjoy together. There is a second on so keep updated for the showing of 22 Jump Street!

Badger Game


Even though they lost, we had a great time at Jake’s program watching the Badger game on Friday. It was a wonderful way to get fans together to cheer on Wisconsin as played in New York. Thank you to everyone who came down, and let me experiment with the settings on my camera to figure out what settings to use.

Flannel Flapjacks


There were so many people in flannel to come get flapjacks this Friday in Dobson’s basement! We had a wonderful turnout, so thank you to everyone who came to grab some pancakes, play board and card games, and talk with friends. It was wonderful to see some faces from 2W as I was serving drinks! It was such a successful night, and it was great to be able to see everyone’s unique flannel. Make sure you mark your calendar for Morrow’s next FNC on April 29th!



I hope everyone got their Valentine on the 14th! It is important to recognize the people you care about, and what better time to do it than Valentine’s Day! No one can resist and “AWWW” about these adorable holographic baby animals. Don’t forget to tell the people you care about that you’re thinking about them! Especially your neighbors! Not everyone you know got a Valentine, so send them a letter, text, or some flowers to let them know you remembered them!

Chancellor Visit to Morrow


Chancellor Shields came to visit Morrow on February 13th and there were some really good questions asked! Thank you to everyone that came down and chatted with him.He told us a lot about his journey to Platteville through different colleges and universities in many different administrative positions. He told us a lot about his journey to Platteville through different colleges and universities in many different administrative positions. We also talked about everything to budget reforms and parking, to class requirements, new buildings, and sustainability efforts.  A lot of the questions were wondering about the budget that the state has proposed for the UW system. We learned a lot from him, and hopefully we will be able to see some of the changes he talked about in our time here!

Masquerade Door Decs


These new door decs were inspired by a masquerade New Year’s party that I heard about and thought would be really fun to share! Every design is a little different, so be sure to check out everyone’s! I hope you all enjoy the creative masks that might remind you of your New Year’s resolution, like it does for me!

Depression and Suicide Awareness


Depression is more common in college than anyone would think, so being aware of what the symptoms are and how you can provide support to a friend is really important to know about. Suicide is a very serious topic that not many people are comfortable talking about. It has affected many people, but still no one really knows the best way to comfort a grieving friend. Knowing more about these two topics can make all the difference to someone going through one of these two things. Please talk to a trained professional, someone you trust, or call one of the numbers posted if you or someone you know has been dealing with something like this in their life.

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